Quickly login with 1Password

This tip blew my mind. You can search your 1Password sites and have 1Password navigate to them and login. Type option (⌥) + command (⌘)+ \ (this is the default configuration, if you changed this then clearly you will want to use that key combination) to bring up the 1Password dialog box in your browser. Then just start typing the name of the site you want to go to. No need to hit the search icon. Once you find the site you want hit enter and 1P will open a new tab and take you to the you chose. One cautionary note is if you have a Web site assigned in 1P that doesn’t have the login field then you won’t be automatically logged in.

Another bonus tip: if you drag a Login from 1Password (see example below) to you bookmarks bar it’ll create a bookmark that will take you to that site and log you in.

1Password Login list

I love the wonderful details AgileBits has built into 1Password. Kudos!

Inside Pixar’s Leadership

Scott Burken has done a great job pulling some gems out of Ed Catmull’s 2010 interview with The Economist’s Martin Giles.

We’ve got these successful things going on and we mis-perceive how we got there. Or who the influences are. And we draw these wrong ideas and we then make a series of mistakes which are not well grounded in reality.

This bit that stuck with me the most also relates to an article in the Harvard Business Review titled “Delusions of Success”. The article talks about how there is overoptimism for pet projects and when the projects are reviewed and planned the employees fail to lift up their heads and look around at comparable projects and instead get tunnel vision on their specific project and miss much of the reality that surrounds the proposed project.

Do your best

I ran across an Seth Godin quote on failure. Something to keep in mind as we enter the new year:

Successful people analytically figure out what didn’t work and redefine what their best work will be in the future. And then they get back to work.

Why is it so hard to get back to work? I want things to be perfect the first time but the people I admire the most don’t do things perfect the first time. The thing is their successes outweigh their failures the problem is in the mist of a failure it’s hard to see the next success. The thing to keep in mind is the best remedy is to keep on going.

A review of Steve Jobs

Chris Rawson does an excellent job sizing up Walter Isaacson’s Biography of Steve Jobs. I like that Chris has a different perspective than most of us, his Masters Thesis examined the concept of truth in biographical works. I won’t spoil his findings but I will pull out my favorite quote from his write up:

Anyone can cut an employee to shreds or throw epic temper tantrums at the slightest provocation, but replicating Jobs’s intuition, perfectionism, dedication, and vision is arguably something that only one person in seven billion can manage to pull off.

Well done Chris.

iOS as a Network System

I ran across this old link today and I think it’s applicable to what is going on in the mobile OS space. In this post Kevin Kelly talks about “network systems” need to grow from small systems in order to become large and complex. It’s not possible to just “install” it. iOS and Android definitely fit this model as candidates that have started out as good but small OSes (remember when we didn’t have copy and paste in iOS?) hat have now grown into large and complex OSes that can be viewed as large “network systems”. I believe webOS can become the next large “network system” if it can hold out long enough and come into parity with iOS. That said, the reports are in; the first iteration of webOS wasn’t up to snuff but the latest update brings it closer on par with iOS and slightly ahead of Android 3.0. Within this context Dan Frommer’s comment makes a lot of sense: “it’s better to seed the market than to sit still”.

HTML Select/Options list

I too am posting this for my future self. This is a good list of states and provinces to keep around all wrapped up for future use.

Instagram services

I was looking for a way to share my Instagram feed on my About page and I stumbled upon this article. It’s truly amazing how many Instagram services are out there. Sharing goes a long way.

Inventing the Digital Camera

Fascinating! I was struck by how profound and forward thinking Steven Sasson was in 1975. He know in order for the digital camera to take off it had to be similar enough to the current cameras customers were used to working with. He also surmised, correctly, that it would be 15-20 years before digital cameras would have a large impact on the general consumer. Watch the whole thing. It’s brilliant.

Waiting for the iPhone 5

If the damaged factories in Japan are holding up the iPhone 5 I’m ok with waiting. Japan get back on your feet and I hope the work Apple is sending your way helps speed the recovery.

Via DF.

What is a book?

Randy Murray on books:

But a book. A book is a weekend stay with a friend. A book is a classroom. A book, a very good book, is a dream that stretches on and on and lingers in memory and experience for ages.

So true. Some day I hope to write a book.

To add to his list of favorite bookstores I would offer Powell’s Books in Portland, OR (their flagship store to be precise).